Bad Online Entertainment ... Unmasked!
Bundle Unbundle Model

For the Audience yearning to be captivated, and the Artist yearning to captivate ...

How Web2.0 has become stale and narrow this early in its history?

The most heavily visited sites consist of what we call the Bundle/Unbundle Model ("B/UnB"). The B/UnB Site does two basic functions.

It "Bundles": collects, connects, or otherwise accesses vast amounts of data.

It "Unbundles": in response to visitor inquiry, it provides the visitor with a list of choices intended to satisfy the inquiry derived from the Bundle.

It is easy to become numb to B/UnB because it is so pervasive. Consider ... "search" is another name for "B/UnB" ...

"general" search: Google, Yahoo

video search: YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion

social networking search: Facebook, MySpace, Match.com, eHarmony.com

commerce search: Ebay, Craig’s List, Bensbargains.net

educational/informational search: Wikipedia, WebMD

[For a "tsunami" of additional examples, see http://www.alexa.com/site/ds/top_500].