"Burn Your Shorts for Progress!"óJeremy NP Ross

Seize Power.

Dump Bad Movies, Bad TV, and Bad Online Entertainment.

Make and See Shows You Always Wanted to Make and See.

Burning Shorts Theater ("BST") is ...

1. Quality Content rather than quantity.

2. Personal Community: Filmmakers rarely work alone. You, your intimate team, and cheap/good equipment/software are free to make great works. BST is the local online site "theater" for those works.

3. And "Global Hub"/"Headquarters" Burning Shorts here exhibiting the best of the best and directing audiences both to your BST and into Hollywood.  Traffic and subscription list overwhelmingly Hollywood professionals.

4. Yes! We defer to you: SO, you and  your local colleagues can shape BST/[Your Geographical or Other Theater Name Here] as you wish.

(Bad Online Entertainment Unmasked!)